Dad’s 60th Celebration!

How blessed I am to have such a godly man for a father leading our family. This was one of the best weekends home celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday. Full of family, fellowship, food and lots of laugher I was sad to leave and looking forward to being back next weekend for an engagement party.  One of the best parts of the weekend was watching him open his gift this year. Bowen made his dad a case to hold his knives last week and I couldn’t think of a better gift for my dad. I commissioned Bowen to make my dad a “keepsake” box to hold his arrowheads or whatever trinkets he’s found and kept over the years. This turned out better than I could have ever imaged, Bowen has such a gift and it was really sweet to share that with my dad. I would have liked to contribute a wee bit more to the birthday gift but  there wasn’t much for me to do, except suggest a monogram for the glass 😉

Saturday morning birthday celebrations began with a FEAST, as usual. Mom made the most delicious, lightest, lightly sweetened biscuits in the (breakfast) world. They are their very best hot out of the oven, with a smear of homemade plum jam and topped with a  sweet and spicy deer sausage. MMM I brought back all of these delicious components and plan on eating this exact combination until next weekend rolls around. We went to Walker’s for dinner-our favorite and enjoyed more birthday celebrations, champagne (thank you family-Fowlers and Samples!) along with truffled risottos, charred filets, delicate veal, and decadent sauces—finished with a trip to Brewsters and birthday cake at home.


"touch of grace" biscuits

champagne celebration

a little bit of dress up at the end of the night in mom's OLD dresses

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