Sunday Lunch& Birthday Celebrations

Pre-birthday celebrations started this weekend with my parents coming to Memphis! We ate, ate and ate good food, celebrated with friends, and shopped as much as we could fit into one day. After church Sunday, Bowen wanted a home-made tomato soup.

Friday night, mom made the most delicious cheese plate to have a taste before our birthday celebration Friday night. We enjoyed quince jam, honey comb, prosciutto from Italy, parmesan, and aged balsamic. All the left over ingredients made for the perfect soup and sandwich duo. I used the prosciutto and cheeses grilled between two slices of crusty, grain bread as dunking devices for the roasted tomato soup.

Here’s how I did it: slice tomatoes in half and de-seed, toss with extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt and cracked pepper, roast at 500 for 10 or 15 minutes. In the meantime, sauté some garlic (lots of garlic) in olive oil until fragrant, add san marzano whole tomatoes and chicken stock, bring to boil. Once the tomatoes are nice and caramelized from roasting, add them to the soup. Simmer for as long as you can wait, puree half of the soup ( I like mine with some texture) and finish with cream (and fresh basil if you have it).

after about 15 minutes of roasting, the sugars begin to caramelize and the tomatoes becomes even sweeter

halved and de-seed tomatoes, roast on 500 with olive oil, kosher salt and cracked pepper

prosciutto di parma mom brought back from Italy for the panini's



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