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Only 3 more school days till I head to the beach with my family! I cannot wait. I literally cannot wait. I’m most excited for the ocean, the fresh seafood, and the time with my family, sleeping in and blue crab on the porch. I haven’t made much of anything this past week, probably because I know how much good food we are about to consume at the beach. I did managed to make a healthy-ish supper last night, only because B went to the grocery for me. Last night, I made  seared salmon with grilled romaine and grilled corn–such an easy supper. Season the fish of your liking with kosher salt and cracked pepper, heat a saute pan to med heat, add pat of butter, place fish skin side down and DO NOT TOUCH!! –until a crisp skin has formed, flip and finish in the oven to medium-medium rare.

I love grilled romaine, not only is it easier that shredding, washing,and spinning a head of romaine, I think it has much more flavor. For the romaine, half a head of romaine, rinse, and dry very well. Brush with olive oil and season with kosher salt and cracked pepper,  place on grill for a minute or so–or until you see some nice grill marks, flip and remove. The warm romaine should still be crisp but slightly warm and with a hint of smokey flavor. This really is the easiest, quickest supper– I love the grill in the summer because it leaves a kitchen clean!!

Today in school we made seared duck breast with a candied ginger demi glace, gosh it was good. I hate I didn’t get to take any pictures because it was  as eye-catching as it was tasty. Let me know if you want the recipe!

One more thing, my mom and dad have been grinding their own burger meat, and swear they will never buy ground beef for burgers again! After, tasting mom’s I won’t either. Bowen and I tried to recreate these burgers at the Weir’s a couple of weekends ago. We used 50% beef short rib and 50% sirloin along with the kitchen aid attachment (Thank’s Mrs.Weir!) and thanks mom for the recipe! These really are the best burgers, I overcooked them and they are still better than store-bought.



Last thing (really this time ) I wanted to share with you, mom wrapped my gift for Julia’s kitchen shower while we were home and I thought it was pretty creative, as always. She used herbs and flowers from her garden for the bow. I will definitely be trying to recreate this, it will probably take me many years to make it decent enough to actually use with the gift, but I’ll give it a go!

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