Fried Oyster Po’ Boys

It’s as if we never left the beach. My dad’s inside reading his book, Bowen’s watching men tear down and rebuild a house from the couch, mom just got home from the farmer’s market, and I’m sitting outside in a beach chair still covered in sand, deliberately ignoring the patio furniture in attempt to hold onto the vacation that too quickly came and went.

One of my favorite things we put in our mouth this trip were the oyster po’ boys we had for lunch the second day on the beach. Fresh oysters flash fried, seasoned with kosher salt and cracked pepper, layered on perfectly toasted french bread that’s been slathered with homemade tartar and cocktail sauce. It gets just the right amount of freshness from crisp romaine and juicy, summer tomatoes.

Here’s how we did it:

For the fried oysters:

Heat cast iron with 1 inch deep peanut oil, meanwhile, season cornmeal with salt and pepper, coat oysters,

when oil is hot drop oysters till crispy, drain on perforated rack, season with kosher salt.

For the tartar sauce:

1 c. Hellman’s mayo

1 T minced sweet pickles (wickles) or relish

1 Tsp yellow mustard

1/2  lemon, juice

1/2 yellow onion, minced

kosher salt and cracked pepper, to taste

combine and enjoy.

For the cocktail:

1 c. ketchup

2 T horseradish

1 T worsheshire

1/2 lemon, juice

kosher salt cracked pepper, to taste

Combine, enjoy.

The process: While the french bread is toasting (ours was from a specialty food’s store in Jackson called Paul Anthony’s),

drop oysters in hot oil– shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, remove bread, slather with tartar on one side,

cocktail on the other, layer with crisp romaine, summer tomatoes (season with kosher cracked P) and add crispy oysters, slice to your desired length, and DEVOUR.



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