Breakfast of (beach)Champions

Can you beat a BLT in the summer. I can’t , I really can’t. Nothing is better for breakfast that a lightly toasted piece of bread, a smear of mayonnaise that melts into the cracks and crevices just so, topped with crispy, crunchy bacon and finished off with a sweet and juicy summer tomato. Mmmmmmm I am actually about to dig into one of these perfectly constructed breakfast sandwiches right now. It’s a little bit different this morning as I wait on mom to get the creamy corn grits ready. Instead of a bathing suit and flip-flops, I am about to get ready for church, I certainly am looking forward to Pinelake this morning. Hope everyone enjoys the peace of a Sunday morning and fills their belly’s with something equally tasty.

For the BLT, here’s how we did it:

Lightly butter and toast 2 piece of white/wheat bread, slice tomato and season with kosher and cracked pepper, in the meantime fry an over-egg (not for me– you all know my phobia by now?), coat both sides of toast with Hellman’s mayonnaise while the bread is still warm (melt factor), layer with tomato, bacon, egg, TOP and dig in.

For the Corn Grits:

Prepare grits following instructions. Remove kernels from cob, add heavy cream, kosher salt and cracked pepper, and as much corn as you desire (we saved our leftover sweet corn from last night.)

OH, and peach bellinis, using prosecco and fresh peaches. The perfect way to start the beach day.

2 ripe peaches

2 T sugar

1/2 cup water

bring water and sugar to boil to create simple syrup, once the sugar is completely dissolved, peal peaches and remove seed, puree peaches with simple syrup place in bottom of champagne glass, pour the


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