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Midweek Update

Hey guys!! I can’t believe it is WEDNESDAY!!! It feels like Monday around here, I have been off the radar this week and weekend soaking up as much mom and dad time as ¬†possible and knocking out midterm practicals Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately, mom’s headed home today, BUT in a few days¬†I get to go to D.C this see my friends for the weekend!!! I CANNOT WAIT, CANNOT WAIT, CAN. NOT. WAIT.


Here’s some pictures of what’s been going on around Memphis this weekend and week. I am making some homemade Mac&Cheese this afternoon for sweet Kimmie Sue to take to Oxford this weekend, I will be sure to post the recipe tonight!!! Happy hump day.

Kitchen Supply store LIT in Mem, mom and I had a hayday here

Mom making banana’s foster two nights ago, always lots of treats when the real chef is in town!