Best Burgers Ever

This is the best burger, ever.

Like mom said, it’s work, but once you taste the difference its worth it. I bet you will have trouble going back to buying ground chuck after you taste this house ground, I know we do.

I can’t say I’ll do this in Memphis.. well I won’t because I dont have a mixer or attachment, but when I’m home this a treat I cant get enough of.

Mom’s house-ground burgers

50% T-bone (or sirloin)-2lbs

50% beef shortrib (most fat removed)-2lbs

Cube beef into one inch cubes and freeze for 20 minutes, run meat through grinder alternating cuts until fully ground, salting each layer.

After the meat is ground, mom lays beef on a 1/2 sheet tray, covers it, and then lays another 1/2 sheet on top and presses until the ground beef is fully flat and even (this ensures equal burgers). When your ready to fire the grill up, portion the patty’s. Grill to medium/medium rare and serve however you like.

We had our burgers with bacon fat french fries, potatoes fried in bacon fat. MMMmm. detox time.

Can y’all belive it’s Monday again AND October 1st? I can’t believe summer is gone and Fall is in full swing! Here’s some scripture I am clinging to today. This is my memory verse from last week and it’s a reminder of what I want my life to be.”I am the Lord’s bondservant,” Mary said. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” then the angel left her. ‘May your word to me be fulfilled’, this brings me back to the service yesterday at Pinelake; my hope today is that I will seek God’s will in heaven for my life, not what I want, but what HE has.

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