Oh happy day!

I had a big day yesterday, final practical’s have come and gone and I am done with baking for forever! Well, not forever but as far as school goes, I just finished my last baking course ever. AND I got to go the Skyros Designs Warehouse (which is BEYOND unbelievable) and pick out some a ton of things for Spice, it pretty much felt like Christmas around here.

I must say, baking 103 went out with a bang. I made this four layer high ratio chocolate cake with Italian butter cream icing (among other things) yesterday as part of my 103 curriculum.

It looks mighty tasty and is mighty tasty and if you have the time by all means go for it. As for me and my cake making days, I need a break. Betty Crocker might have to do for a while.


High Ratio Chocolate Cake:

 11 5/8 oz cake flour

1 7/8 oz cocoa powder

¼ oz salt

3/8 oz baking powder

¼ oz baking soda

6 ¾ oz cake shortening

15 3/8 oz sugar

13 ½ oz milk

5/8 oz vanilla extract

7 ¼ oz eggs

Blend dry ingredients except sugar with paddle attachment. Add and blend shortening for two minutes, blend in half the milk and sugar, slowly add remaining milk and eggs in 3 stages, pour into two 8-inch cake pans. Bake at 335 for 30-45 minutes.


Italian Buttercream-this will be a staple recipe for me

2 lb sugar

1 lb egg whites

8 oz water

2.5 lbs butter, soft

1 T vanilla extract

Combine 1.5 lb of sugar and water in a saucepan to 240 degrees, when sugar reaches 230 F, combine remaining 8 oz of sugar and whites and whip on speed two, when sugar reaches 240 slowly stream down the side of the mixing bowl and whip until cool. Then chip in butter and whip till fluffy.

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