How about you?? 

It’s been a great Friday thus far, we have sunny skies and HOT temps here in lower AL which can only mean one thing: TREADMILL RUNS. I did 5 miles this am and felt really good praise the Lord. AND for any expecting moms are new moms that are local Thomas Hospital Fitness Center offers free memberships to pregnant and post baby mommas. I was THRILLED to hear this! 


Cheers to almost halfway! 

We’re also still on the whole 30 bandwagon over here. I am ALMOST done. I do believe this week is my last week. Honestly there are days I love the “rigidness” and limited options and then some nights I just need my chill yogurt fix with all the toppings. 

Bowen has been a pro at whole 30 especially as much as he’s traveled. I bet he has lost ten pounds, me on the other hand–my shorts seem to be getting tighter 😉


I mentioned in a previous post it hasn’t been a huge adjustment other than no oatmeal and no night time sweets. I plan on having a treat or six   after next week then getting back on it and sticking with whole foods. 


Here’s a link to one of my favorite recipes (we had for supper last night) and this roast chicken makes a great leftover lunch! 

Mom came to be with me this week and we had a big time working on the nursery. We hit hit the ground running hard for three days and made a good bit of progress but have a long ways to go!


Lots of monogramming to be done and furniture re-covering to be found. Hope everyone has a good weekend! 


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One Response to “update!”

  1. Lauren
    August 15, 2016 at 1:07 am #

    The nursery looks precious & your bump!!! Love and miss you friend and I loved our FaceTime today 🙂

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