Friday Favorites


and it’s a beautiful day!! We are so excited to be heading to Destin this afternoon for a beach getaway with friends. Let’s hope the sunshine keeps shining:) 


Do these cookies not scream celebration? I am excited to introduce a new item to our WD menu! BUTTERCREAM DELICIOUSNESS.

IMG_5906 (1)
I thought I would pop in for a Friday favorites roundup, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a favorites and I think these are worth sharing. Most of these finds are snacks that have carried me through (almost) the first two trimesters. FridayFavorites

I figured this out early on but the  best way for me to feel good and keep my energy up is to snack throughout the day, salads at lunch and not a super heavy supper. Here’s some of my favorite things:


This is by far by favorite brand of almond butter, I LOVE the “to go” packs. I carry these in my purse and when I feel  the hangry coming on these are really convenient and hold me over. I eat a banana with a almond butter just about every’s great pre-run mini breakfast. 
cache_276_284_smooth-new barney-butter-almond-butter


These are EVERYTHING. I just recently started buying these in bulk on amazon because I go through them quickly. I try and limit myself but they are so good and I love the ingredients. All larabars are made from dates and nuts, thats basically it. 

61J+wo9UdRL My favorites are apple pie, key lime, cherry pie, coconut and the chocolate chip is my recent obsession. Here’s an example of ingredents for the cherry pie: Dates, Unsweetened Cherries, and Almonds..that’s it. 

I think I may try making these from home in the near future..stay tuned! ChocChipCookieDoughBars01



My mother in law had these aussie bites last time we were in Memphis and I loved them-she gave me her pack and I’ve really enjoyed these. I have to freeze them so I don’t eat them all in one sitting! They are a great pick me up, travel well and Im pretty happy with all the ingredients (other than the added sugar).




I used to be a great water drinker until I got pregnant and I now I need it to sparkle or have some sort of flavorings to drink as much as I should. I love all flavors of True Lemon Lime packs, this watermelon taste like a summer cocktail. Great ingredients too! 




And lastly this is a great salad dressing option ( Whole 30 approved), I like to mix up my own salad dressings most of the time but at this stage in the game I’m going for convenience. I love the lemon garlic dressing: really delicious on romaine. 


Bump Update: It’s rare that I get out of my workout clothes especially for a bump pic but last night Bowen and I got dressed for a banquet–Baby Bowen hides out from the front  but is definitely making himself known from the side. Im still running but taking lots of walk breaks-thankful fall weather is right around the corner! 




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4 Responses to “Friday Favorites”

  1. Bette butler
    September 2, 2016 at 4:26 pm #

    Love your blog and you!,, spent a great couple of days with your amazing mom and dad❤️❤️❤️ So glad you’re well!!

    • Maggie Weir
      September 2, 2016 at 6:55 pm #

      Mom said y’all had a big time as always! Wish I had been with everybody;) I hope to see y’all this fall in Oxford or Memphis love you!

  2. Suzanne McKinney
    September 2, 2016 at 5:54 pm #

    Hey Maggie, I love your blogs, recipes and mostly enjoy when you share an inspiration of either your thoughts or a Bible Verse. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if you are going to post the recipe for the buttercream cookies you are taking with you this weekend.


    • Maggie Weir
      September 2, 2016 at 7:00 pm #

      How sweet Suzanne!! What a kind thing to say-I’ll be happy to email you recipe but since I’m selling them here in Fairhope I won’t be posting recipe. If you’ll send over email I’ll send to you!

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