Archive | June, 2011

I would love for my first post to include a mouthwatering photo of one of the dishes I cooked this past week; fried green tomatoes, homemade enchiladas, shrimp fresh from the gulf coast (not all together of course, except for the fact that I killed my thousandth Iphone this Friday and lost all my pictures FOREVER. If anyone decides to keep up with my blog please beware there will be personal mishaps quite often that are usually embarrassing but always get a good laugh from friends and family. But, back to SPICE. I am a 5th year senior at Ole Miss majoring in marketing communications with an emphasis in magazine publishing. I have a love for magazines and believe in their power to inform, entertain, and give the reader am experience that is incomparable to the act of surfing the web. With that said I love magazines and got to create my very own magazine under the teachings of the notable Mr.Magazine. As much as I love magazines, I live cooking more. So spice is a hip, food magazine for young adults with a passim for all things culinary. This blog is an attempt to translate my love for cooking and magazines into a less expensive creative outlet. Keep on cooking with SPICE, y’all!