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The best thing I’ve ever ate(or ever will)

Blue crabs are my favorite food in the world. Maybe because I only get them once a year or because they’re so hard to get and have to be kept alive until they’re cooked. I think that there is no better satisfaction than cracking the body and picking the freshest, sweetest lump crab available. As time consuming as it is to eat blue crabs it’s a July 4th tradition in my family and is always the highlight of our beach trips. 

I can’t eat corn with out this ‘compound butter’/mayonnaise mixture/my dad’s speciality. Its equal parts butter, mayonnaise,lots of parmesan cheese, squeeze of lime, pinch of cayenne, salt, and lots of cracked pepper.

My second favorite thing in the world is fried shrimp. My mom makes the best fried shrimp in the world. She only cooks shrimp that is fresh from the gulf and it pays off in flavor. We ate more seafood this trip than should be consumed in an entire summer and enjoyed every bit of it. I got to help fry the shrimp and oysters this night in Ft. Morgan. I’ve tried this on my own and its never the same as doing it along side my  mom in the kitchen. She butterflies the shrimp and shallow fries them slit side down. One flip, salted right out of the oil and ready to eat.