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High Point Pizza (Dough) and the Green Egg

After a long day of recovery from a long night at Raiford’s, we decided pizza on the grill would be the perfect cure. Too lazy to make the dough,I opted instead to grab fresh dough from the closest pizzeria, High Point Pizza. FOR ONLY $2 we got enough dough to fill us up and put us back to bed, for the second time that day.  Once the green egg got to a smoking 500 we ran to Kroger for fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, sausage and pepperoni (for the boys). Turned out to be just way to fun for a saturday night in.

We each had to have our own pizza because obviously it’s not near as fun to share. And we tend to be a bit competitive and who’s food is better. I infused some olive oil with 2 cloves of smashed garlic to coat the dough with, then coated the oil with sauce, tomatoes, and too much cheese. 
The pizza’s cooked in less than ten minutes and they were awesome. This was the best pizza  all because of the egg. The pizza stone gave the crust a nice crisp coating but still left the dough slightly chewy and airy. Mine had those air bubbles I go for every time. The sauce was garlicy and sweet, a perfect foundation for fresh mozzarella and summer tomatoes.