Vodka pie crust and playing hookie

The first thing my mom cooked in her new kitchen was a pie. She tried out a new pie recipes that uses 1/2 vodka 1/2 water and now swears to never use another recipe for pie. I decided to stay home for the rest of the week (because my mom bribed me with clothes and cooking) and keep on cooking. My mom had me in the kitchen all day. We started at the farmer’s market to get butter beans (for butter bean soup) and green beans. Farmer’s Market tomatoes, cold, crisp onions and hot buttered corn bread were enough to get my dad home from work to enjoy the last bit of summer veggies with us.
the recipe for my moms cornbread is eggs, cornmeal mixed together, add buttermilk to loosen-no blender no measuring just toss and go
I can’t take credit for the cornbread-I was busy working on this vodka pie crust that turned out to be the best ever. I probably will never make it again though because I do not have the patience to bake-I prefer to taste as I go and that does not work well with flour and butter. Here’s the recipe from Cook’s Illustrated and here’s why it works so well:
Published November 1, 2007.   From Cook’s Illustrated.

Since water bonds with flour to form gluten, too much of it makes a crust tough. But rolling out dry dough is difficult. For a pie dough recipe that baked up tender and flaky and rolled out easily every time, we found a magic ingredient: vodka. Using vodka, which is just 60 percent water, gave us an easy-to-roll crust with less gluten and no alcohol flavor, since the alcohol vaporizes in the oven.

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