Archive | October, 2011

Supper for one

Growing up, my mom fixed supper every night. Not hamburger helper or easy mac, but real home cooked meals. I looked forward to what mom was cooking all day. As soon as I got in the car from school I wanted to know what we were having. My favorites are lamb or steak on the grill, zucchini spaghetti with ground turkey meatballs, or fish– usually fresh from the gulf and frozen–ready to go at our convenience, we always had delicious dinners from a true chef.  In college, I rarely cook for just one. My idea of a quick supper is butternut squash thrown in a pot with some water and blended for a fall soup.

Well tonight I changed it up. Salmon is on the menu, just for me. Its weird to cook for one person, I usually throw some butternut squash in a pot with some stock and call it a night but not this Monday. I decided to treat myself tonight, made a list, and headed to the grocery to pick out the best piece of salmon our little Kroger has to offer. This was ridiculously fast. ridiculously. I seasoned the fish with salt and pepper a dash of dill while the olive oil was heating in the pan, as soon as the oil was smoking I tossed the fish in,  waited maybe 2 minutes,  flipped, re-seasoned and it was time to eat. So much for a night to myself cooking, I blinked and it was over.