a much needed break

Oxford is wearing me out. I am still recovering from the Georgia game 2 weekends ago. Mollie and I had guests, which for us is more exciting than the actual game.
starting the weekend off with celebratory balloons at our little cottage
this is the reason I needed a break from the grove, games, and library, I’m
talking about the skinny girl seasoned cheese crackers, of course.

Oh my gosh did we eat this weekend. I am not used to 1. Having my mom’s kitchen to myself 2. Having any and every ingredient on hand-the combination of these two things led to a Saturday in the kitchen.  I knew I had to do a big breakfast for Bowen in the kitchen sat morning, I did not know he would be taking over my duties and then passing up my kitchen skills. This is how every cooking venture starts with us two. “Bowen how good would sausage, bacon, hasbrowns be this morning??” yea that sounds awesome (eyes glued to tv). As soon as I start chopping I hear “can I just chop one thing?” I respond with OF COURSE!!! Yes !!! I love you want to do it!!! And then he takes over and im at the butcher block sipping orange juice watching my meal slip out of my hands. The thing is he cooked the best breakfast, his patience far exceeds mine and that is important when forming a crust on hashbrowns or waiting to flip the bacon. So there I said it he won.  

With that said. Around 2 o’clock I attempted to regain control of the kitchen. “OH! I see avocados in the fridge! How about guac chips and dip for the football games??” yeah sounds great. I get out all the ingredients, slip on my gloves, pull out my knife and then here comes a little birdie “can I chop one thing”. I am laughing as im typing because as much as I love cooking  I love that he loves to help more. 
I can’t believe after chips and dip and then a cupcake tasting we wanted dinner but we did and so we ate. We ate the best supper we both had ever had. Ever. The most perfectly cooked steak (thanks to bowen) and the truffled risotto, not just truffle oil, but real black truffles mom brought back from Italy. I would like to recreate that meal and share with everyone I love because it was one of a kind
toasting the arborrio rice in garlic garlic and shallots
black truffles fresh of the plane from Italia
After at least 30 minutes of slowly adding warm chicken stock one little ladle at the time,
I added 2 tablespoons of warmed cream, the truffles, a healthy handful of parmesan, and a drizzle of white truffle oil
I’ve lost all privileges of cooking my own steak from here on out,
because mine was perfect and I had nothing to do with it

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