My “go to” supper

Once again, steak was whats for dinner, not that I’m complaining. Maybe it’s because its Bowen’s favorite or because he’s gotten so good at cooking my filet, we have had steak at least twice a week for the past month or year ( i lost track). Surprisingly this has SAVED us money. ¬†Charlie’s meat market in Memphis has awesome steaks for almost nothing. My little baby steak is around 4 dollars. So $10 for steaks along side homemade fries with aioli on a Tuesday night after RZproject?? Yes!!! Why would you do anything else for supper?

charlie’s meat market filets are $5-take that Kroger
saving a few calories by baking, that were put back in with the aioli
garlic, rosemary aioli in the work
i need a camera for Christmas (MOM) these iPhone photos do not do this garlicy mayonnaise goodness justice
hot oven baked fries tossed with chives parmesan and truffle oil
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once again, tasted much better than it looks!

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