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Sunday supper and a birthday week

Because it’s a birthday week and I have trouble saying no to anything and yes to everything. Let me paint you a picture-Ole Miss v. Alabama game started at 5, we were groving by 2 and at the library for over 6 hours. I did not move all day Sunday, slept from 4-6 which is quite a feat because I have probably napped a total of 5 times in 10 years. I was so looking forward to pizza delivered to my door, a movie and then more sleep. Instead, a little birdie has a little birthday (BIG 25) this week and he wanted stuffed cannelloni. Not easy, peasy pasta but stuffed, homemade, baked golden brown manicotti and of course, I said yes. I loved making this. I pretend it was a task and it was, but so worth it and so rewarding. Ooey gooey cheese covering tender pasta with a velvety red sauce running through each rib of pasta. gosh I love to cook. I love to create and I love to eat good food. This recipe was a mash-up of ideas I found on tastespotting, so not much of a recipe at all. I used my go to tomato sauce and turned it into a vodka sauce. Sautee garlic, onions, deglaze with a splash of vodka, reduce then add tomatoes and crushed red pepper and simmer for at least ½ an hour. Finish with cream.  AND ENJOY with every sort of pasta you can find.
            Boil the pasta until al dente (they will continue to cook in oven), mix together fresh mozzarella, 1 container of ricotta, spinach, and ¼ c. Parmesan
Filled the pasta with the back-end of a spoon, cover with vodka sauce, top with remaining cheese.
Onions & garlic simmer in butter/olive oil until translucent (onion first so garlic doesn’t burn), followed with a splash of vodka, simmer until reduced, add tomatoes and finish with cream
I used my nose not a timer, when this starts to bubble its ready to SIT then serve
Almost looks (and tastes)  like lasagna but much easier to assemble and serve
once again (MOM) a real camera would show  the deliciousness much better than an iPhone