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Touch of Grace

Well I’m headed back to Memphis from another great weekend home. For some reason our weekends tend to start with the party and then be focused around good food. I hope that one day I can cook like my mom. I feel like I’m stealing her thunder posting about the wonderful food we ate at home, but the truth is her food is the best in the world to me, the ingredients, the preparation, the love that goes into each meal; I want people to love my food as much as I love my mom’s. That’ll be a tall order.

My mom picked us up from Anna and Jimmy’s Saturday morning after a long, fun night out and we went straight to paul anthony’s, a speciality food market in Jackson. Mom picked up fresh shrimp, fresh crab claws, and fresh-baked french bread to make shrimp poboys for lunch. We pretended it was the middle of the summer Saturday, it might as well have been with the gorgeous weather we had. Bowen hopped in the freezing cold pool while mom fried shrimp and I made tartar sauce. Mayo, lemon, green onions, a pinch of sugar, relish and a squeeze of mustard made the perfect accompaniment to toasty French bread, just fried, gulf shrimp, crisp romaine and a slice of fresh tomato. Mom made the cocktail sauce with ketchup, lemon, horseradish, worcheshire sauce, salt and crack black.

You’d think this lunch would last us, but after a two-hour nap we were all beginning to talk supper. I had to make a sweet potato dish for a southern food throw down in school Thursday so that was on the menu along with grilled porterhouse(for the boys) and grilled lamb with a Demi glaze (for mom and I). We also had grilled romaine with a blue cheese dressing mom made.

Are y’all exhausted yet from all this good food? I am and it’s not over yet, we had a spread before church this morning. “Touch of grace” biscuits with cherry-chambord butter, mom made, which was divine, absolutely one of my favorite things I’ve ever had. Of course, I’m sitting back here with the extras being temped not to snack the whole way back. I really can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow. I get to take pictures for RSVP tonight at the Memphis Restaurant Association banquet at the Peabody. Hope I get to meet some foodies as excited about cooking as I am:/