Monday Morning

Monday monring’s are unpredictable. Sometimes I hop out of bed running, excited about breakfast and what the day will bring. And then some are not so good. Some Monday’s you can’t bribe me out of bed with a shop bop unlimited funds card and I could care less about breakfast, what the weather’s like, and a to do list. WELL, this Monday is going to be a great day!!! I am so thankful for the sunshine and warmer temps AND I don’t have school WOOHOOOOOO. AND I just enjoyed a warm, fluffy “touch of grace” biscuit to get me going 😉 I do have to drive to Oxford today go to the doctor unfortunately,  so I am about to tackle a 5 mile run BY MYSELF– (4 1/2 with Bowen.) HAPPY MONDAY. Oh yea, BETHENNY FRANKEL SHOW PREMIER ON BRAVO! TONIGHT YES!!!! YESS!! YES!!

The sun has been shining all day here in Memphis. A nice change from a weekend full of rain.We fired up the green egg tonight and grilled Charlie’s meat market filets, sweet potatoes (and a russet), with some grilled zucchini– grocery didn’t have asparagus:(

Probably one of my most favorite meals and absolutely the cheapest thing I’ll eat all week. Both steaks from Charlie’s meat market are $10 total, $1.30 for zucchini, and a couple of dollars for potatoes. So $7.50 or so a person? I’ll take it.

the coolest contraption for the grill-my mom gave me this because she doesn't use it (I've actually never seen it be used) but ill never eat veggies not on the grill-yes i will but this was my favorite thing ever mm smokey, salty not over cooked zucchini

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