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Spring Sweets

Spring and summer seasons call for bright, vibrant flavors that are refreshing rather than weigh you down. I love the pastel colors of tea cakes, sugar cookies and lemon bars for desserts in the warmer months. We have been making and learning everything you can imagine about the creaming method and the pastries made using this method. Drop cookies, ice box, sheet, cut-out, pressed, wafer and on and on. We have studied what ingredients cause cookies to spread, which ones cause density, what makes sweets bitter, and how to prevent an all the things that you wouldn’t want to happen to your pastries. It’s all a science and it’s a lot more studying that I anticipated, but well worth it to make such delectable treats.

One of my favorite things we have made thus far are these lemon bars. The recipe we used was very tedious and a two-day process. We made the short bread for the bars, blind baked the bottom, and then made the filling which was sweet, but not overly sweetened and filled with the  freshly squeezed lemon, but not overly tart. I’ll post the recipe, if you make any dessert this spring, make these lemon bars. I SWEAR!!! We also made sugar cut outs and iced them with an egg white icing. I have been looking for these sugars cookies a friends grandmother made when I was growing up, and have been unsuccessful in finding anything near as good until now. These are the cookies and the same icing!!!!




Butter, unsalted  10oz/284g

Powdered sugar 5 oz/142g

Vanilla extract .60 oz/17g

salt .10oz/3g

pastry flour 12oz/340g

Method: cut in meaning combine butter,sugar, extract,salt with paddle-cut in solid fat till corn meal consistency, add flour and mix till just together, press into parchment lined sheet pan and bake at 350 degrees


Ingredients US/Metric

Sugar 19.50/553g

eggs, whole 12oz/340g

lemon juice 5.75oz/ 163g

bread flour 2.50 oz/71g

salt .08oz/2g

 Combine flour and sugar and then egg, add lemon juice gradually, skim off foamy layer, pour batter into pre baked crust bake at 350