Eggs Benedict St.Patty’s Day Saturday

I can remember being grounded one weekend in high school for who knows what and my mom was willing to un-ground me if I would eat the eggs she cooked. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. This will tell you how much I hate eggs, I always have and I guess I always will. That doesn’t mean I haven’t learned to poach eggs and make french omelets in school and when my chef leans over the egg dish picking at it with his fork and says, “Have you tasted this for seasoning?” I  taste and smile and tell him yes, its seasoned correctly and then want to run to the trash can. Bowen loves eggs and requested eggs Benedict for breakfast this morning, I figured he could use all the (food)help he can get for his 1/2 marathon tomorrow.

For the poached eggs: Bring 1 qt of water to a simmer and add 2 T of vinegar, drop eggs and swirl the water surrounding to bring the whites back together, wait 3-5 minutes or until the yolk’s jiggle but are semi-firm to the touch

Serve with Canadian bacon, english muffin, and hollandaise (the recipe I used is from school and posted below)

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