Mom’s Birthday Weekend

We had another big birthday celebration this past weekend. It’s hard to believe we keep out doing the last one, but I think we did! I went home this weekend to celebrate mom’s birthday that was Tuesday. Friday night we sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful day and a gorgeous sunset while putting away over 10-pounds of crawfish–a lot for four people. After a trip to Brewsters we called it a night in anticipation for fun-filled birthday celebrations Saturday. Mom had a great idea, as usual, to rent a boat for the day. After a quick phone call and an even faster grocery list, mom got going on the picnic for the boat. The boys headed out for a bucket of fried chicken, chips, and brownies, while mom got the pimento cheese ready for sandwiches. I went for a run and by lunch time we were out on the boat enjoying the most gorgeous day. We finished off the celebrations with a trip to Walker’s, which was awesome as usual,  but not before we had to truck through the sweet potato parade to even get to Fondren. All worth it though, and the partying going on it the street really solidified the celebration happening for mom’s bday.

Katie did this awesome oil painting for me to give to my mom for her birthday 










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