Easter Candies

I woke up to a banging noise this morning that I assumed was work-men who have been repairing windows at our house this past week. Nope, it was my mom perfecting a chocolate heart–banging the tin mold on the counter to ensure no air bubbles. I have been making candy with my mom since as long as I can remember, every holiday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Valentines we would make candy, hearts, truffles, suckers, bunnies and anything else we could think up and then wrap them for gifts. I remember making a chocolate heart mold for one of my teachers in elementary school for a holiday. I even had my fourth birthday party at the very store we went to today to get the white chocolate. I wish I would have gotten a better shot of the two big buckets filled with candy making supplies, pastry tips, piping bags, food coloring, molds, cutters and who knows what else. My mom has been teaching to make candy (and still is) since I was a baby, and as much as I rebel against any sort of direction in the kitchen, I find myself being a stickler for doing things right, just the way my  mom taught me. I have more fun being in the kitchen with her than anything and wish we could cook together more than just holidays. She doesn’t know it and I can’t believe I am admitting it, but everything she has taught me and told me in the kitchen is the very reason I love to cook.

Here are the molds my mom has probably had for twenty years. We dyed the white chocolate orange and pink and every other color in the rainbow and went to town. First we filled out the bunny ears and carrots tops and let them harden in the fridge, then we came back with the white chocolate and other colors to fill in the molds, after a bit of refrigeration and a tap on the counter, the suckers and candies pop right out. Mom wrapped every sucker individually with a bow because things have to be done just right. I watched and did dishes;) This literally was an all day candy making extravaganza.

Here’s the chocolate heart bottom my mom already had made at 10 a.m. when I woke up this morning, I knew it was go time when there was more chocolate than coffee on the counter.

I (nervously) piped the writing on the heart as my mom stood on stand by, sometimes when things require a lot of patience I drop and run. The pink writing is melted white chocolate with pink food coloring dropped into a piping bag. The chocolate hardens very quickly so once it is in the bag it’s time to move.

A shot of our finished bunny and carrot suckers. Mom loves the carrots and I love the baby chicks.

I decorated the chocolate egg mom made and filled it with the baby chickies– almost too sweet to eat, almost.

Wrapped up suckers ready for the drive back to Memphis (if I don’t eat them all.)

These are some homemade peanut butter cups ( I test-tasted these and they were spot on.) The chocolate’s are made using a mold and the filling is made with peanut butter and confections sugar. Once they are filled up, you coat with chocolate and set in fridge, then decorate with drizzled chocolate.

The finished basket of an all day candy making !!! More to come tomorrow!! Happy Easter!!!

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