Phase 2, Halfway Through

I can’t believe I am over half-way done with my first baking phase. I have definitely learned more this phase than last because the subject matter was so unfamiliar, until now. We are making yeast breads this week and next. We have already made polish ( a sponge), french bread, challah, and brioche. I have a quiz Thursday on just one chapter and am not even kind of ready for the amount of information that fills the pages. Here’s some pictures of the pie doughs and tarts¬†we made last week. Hope every one has a happy week and gets to enjoy this beautiful spring we are having!


Sweet dough tarts filled with chocolate ganache and pastry cream. Anyone want the recipe?


Lattice top pie dough with cherry filling

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One Response to “Phase 2, Halfway Through”

  1. April 25, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    Boy, does that look like a lot of work and so delicious. Yes, you know I’d love the recipes. Very proud of you baby girl.

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