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Pimena. That’s what we call the perfect snack where I grew up. Pimena and cheese. Grandbecky makes the best pimento and cheese in the world. Everytime we visit Louisiville, MS where my dad grew up, Grandbecky has pimento and cheese and it’s usually eaten up within the first 30 minutes of our visit. She has told us the secret a hundred times and we still can’t get it right. I know there’s a pinch a sugar, and it has got to be dramery pimentos but something about her dip always trumps mine. I made some to take to eagle lake this weekend and you would have thought it was as good as granbeckys. I certainly enjoyed it and judging by the empty Tupperware I brought back, I think everyone else liked it pretty good, too.

Eagle Lake, Thank you REED!!!!!!

Here’s the recipe:

2 blocks of sharp cheddar, shredded in the food processor

1 cup of Hellman’s mayo

healthy pinch of kosher salt and cracked pepper

pinch of sugar

¼ yellow onion, grated

small jar of pimentos

Place in processor and go! Serve with Frito’s, please

I love Bowen’s garlic bow, cute huh?

I’d really love a food processor that can hold more that a garlic clove, mom, please, if your reading;)

Does your family have a recipe for pimento and cheese??? I’d love to try it if you’ll share!