Mother’s Day (cabin) Weekend

Happy happy Mother’s Day to my mom!!! I love you, mom! You inspire me to be better and I am so thankful I have you as my mom. We went to the cabin this weekend to celebrate mom and spend some time together. Unfortunately it rained most of the weekend, but we did get in some fishing Saturday morning. We caught about ten blue gill bream, got caught in a rain storm and had a close encounter with an alligator.

We also ate the best burgers I have ever put in my mouth Friday night. Mom has started grinding her own burger meat using her kitchen aid attachment. For these burgers she used sirloin and beef short rib– 60:40. GOOD-NESS. The burger literally melted in my mouth. It taste exactly like what a burger should taste like– fresh, meaty, juicy American burger with a buttered bun, cheese and juicy slice of summer tomato. Mom also has a new way to make french fries that is out of this world.. don’t think she is going to let me share (or steal) that one.

Mom also brought me fresh herbs to plant for my house in Memphis. Mom’s garden is ridiculous at home. Any fresh herb she needs is within arms reach— it sure will be nice to have rosemary, basil and parsley right outside the back door.


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