Dreaming of…

What are y’all wishing for this Thursday night before the first of June? I’ve been wishing for the beach and blue crabs all day long. I can taste the salty ocean and sweet crab right now. We have a house rented in Fort Morgan for the 4th of July week and it just seem S..o….f….a…..r….away. I would really love it if my parents would bite the bullet and buy a beach house so we could be living the dream all year long;)

We always stop in Bon Secour, Alabama at Billy’s Seafood for everything we cook all week. And we don’t go out to eat at the beach so it’s a usually a whole lot of shrimp, blue crab (alive and kicking), crab claws and whatever else wets our appetite. I hope you all are enjoying this warm weather and eating some fresh seafood somewhere!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and wonderful summer weather!

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