Grilled vegetable lasagna & a Glimpse at School

Hey sweet friends, thought I would pop in for a quick update before I head to the beach tomorrow!! This week in school has been awesome. We made a grilled vegetable lasagna (recipe below) that was out of this world. We made homemade semolina pasta dough for the lasagna sheets, out of this world again. The ricotta filling was perfectly creamy, a bit tangy from the goat cheese, and just the right amount of acid from the lemon. Lots of fresh herbs and grilled vegetables might make this the perfect summer dish. It also feeds plenty and can be quite pretty in presentation if you are patient enough to let the lasagna sit, we were not.


Here’s the crown rack rib roast we made today. I think this piece of meat weighed 25 pounds and took at least three hours to cook. We “frenched” the bones for the crown presentation, coated the outside with a dijon mustard, fresh rosemary, thyme, and oregano, minced garlic and kosher salt and cracked pepper. After searing the meat on all sides, we popped it in a 300 degree oven got to work on a bernaise sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and tourned root vegetables. Quit an eventful Wednesday morning–all before noon. Hope every one has a wonderful week and 4th of July! I’ll try to pop in every now and again while at the beach!

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