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Monday Favorites

A few of the blogs I follow, like Iowa Girl Eats do a fun thing on Friday, called Friday favorites.  I have decided today I need a  Monday  favorites to get me pumped up about the week, maybe you do too.  I slept or didn’t really sleep absolutely awful last night and just woke up from a nap. Those who know me, know I do not nap, so it must be a bad day. I am going to try to keep on looking for the positive this Monday and thought I would share some things I am loving today. I am so thankful, so very thankful I napped, I had a wonderful weekend celebrating Julia and Austin’s wedding, and spending time with Mollie, AND the catering event went awesome last Thursday (thanks for asking!!!) I hope everyone has a great week, and an even better Monday.

Sprinkles make me happy. I’d like to wake up one birthday to a room covered in sprinkles ( I think I shared this with Mollie once) I would not like to clean it up 😉 SOURCE

healthy dark chocolate almond pancakes, what a way to start the morning


One of my favorite things, Whole Foods Salad Bar,  I know where I’m headed tonight

Something to dream of;)