Dog & Slaw

I recently had one of the best summer treats a girl can have. Just as the weather was getting extra hot I ventured to Leah’s house,editor of RSVP and my boss, for a going away party and margarita’s. I knew we were having slaw dogs but wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Oh my gosh. What a treat. The perfect bite nestled in a split bun, topped with crispy, cool slaw, spread with the perfect tang of mustard. I didn’t know I loved slaw dogs till then and I’ve wished for them ever since.

Guess what Memphis residents!!!! Leah and her husband have got the slaw dog cart up and running and are serving up the soon-to-be famous dogs (all-natural by the way) at the Cooper Young Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Seriously, you’ve got to go try out the Dog & Slaw, you can thank me later 😉

Also, go vote Dog & Slaw for Best of Memphis “food truck” HERE!!!

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