Sunday Salad and Some Sweets

Hi friends. Just wanted to pop in and say hello! It’s been a busy week with my new baking phase starting on Monday and finishing my internship at RSVP. I am looking forward to lots more time to cook and possibly getting into a kitchen for some real-life cooking experience.

 I am currently on my third coconut popsicle. In between the first and third coconut treat, I made a fresh summer salad.

Once again, I used my salad spinner for a head of lettuce, this time I didn’t lose the lettuce, hopefully this batch will last me a few meals. Supper tonight was crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh corn roasted in the oven with juicy summer tomatoes, creamy avocado, and a light dressing. Get the recipe HERE.

This week in school we have made donuts, bagels, pretzels, and flatbread.

I’ll post the donut recipe tomorrow. My roommate Katie said they were the best donuts she’s ever had. If your feeling adventurous go tryout this recipe and then let me know what you think! Hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday. Catch up with you tomorrow!

Scenes from the weekend 😉

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