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Thursday Catch Up

Oh hey guys! Guess where I am? HOME!!! I am so excited to see my brother and sister and law this weekend and eat lots of good food and spend time with mom and dad (and Mollie got to spend the afternoon with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Can you tell I am happy to see Bowen now that he has a traveling job??

Working on a sausage cheese plate with grilled chicken sausage before the company came (if Bowen counts as company)


Tonight we are having caesar salad  with homemade dressing and handmade croutons and grilled vegetable lasagna. I know this will be the first of many pounds put on this weekend.

Anyways, remember that grocery list I showed you guys this week? Here’s a look at yesterday’s lunch, I roasted the turkey breast for a couple of hours, sliced some avocado, and enjoyed the rest of my kale salad from the recipe this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful, healthy happy weekend! Ill be back shortly to check in!