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Sous Vide

I had one of the best meals of my life in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Oh my gosh I am salivating thinking of it– the best piece of fish I have ever put in my mouth. We spent the first night of our honeymoon in Atlanta at the St. Regis and had supper at Antica Posta upon the hotel’s recommendation. We had no idea we were about to kickoff the most perfect week with such deliciousness.

My sea bass was so moist it melted in your mouth. It was buttery but not greasy, tender and full of flavor,–not just flavor from a nicely seasoned, seared piece of fish but flavor from the inside out.

Bowen and I both knew this fish had not just been roasted or seared or grilled. We asked our waiter how the chef prepared this dish and with a stammer he said, “grilled”. We don’t believe it! After my order was placed I was told the sea bass takes 35 minutes, which was a dead giveaway. My sea bass was sous vide. That was the only way to impart such flavor and have the end result be as moist as this dish was.

Our first night cooking in our new home was a fail. I made stir-fry and you would have never known I had been to culinary school I guess that’s just a right of passage. You screw up the first meal as newlyweds. Well, I succededd at that.

This next meal though was a huge success, thanks to my sous chef. Every since we got home from the HM Bowen has been wanting to sous vide cook something, even though we do not own a thousand and something dollar machine you can simulate the cooking vessel with a pot of water and a candy thermometer.

We did some research on chicken, making sure the water stayed at 145 degrees for 35 minutes then searing the meat off in our new cookware (squeals)!!! This was the best chicken either one of us has ever had. I have heard if you are going to try and cook something in a water bath start with chicken because you get the most notable difference in the texture.

I can’t even describe the difference because it is unlike anything I have had. Please try this; it is so fun and delicious. Unfortunately I didn’t have any herbs to stick in the vacuum seal bag but that would have sent this dish over the edge. I will soon enough, getting my garden going ASAP!

The rest of this supper was a “use what you have” experiment. We had a head of left over broccoli, one red pepper, and an onion. I made a roasted red pepper sauce using leftover white wine, garlic, chicken stock and cream (that we saved from Starbucks) and roasted broccoli.

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce:

1 red pepper, roasted, stems and seeds removed
½ yellow onion, roasted
1 T minced garlic
½ c white wine
½ c chicken stock
2 T heavy cream

After the onion and pepper are roasted and seeded (by way of steaming in a bowl with saran), puree the vegetables in blender until smooth, this would be a good time to strain your coulis if you would like a super silky sauce. Next, sauté garlic in olive oil, season with kosher and cracked pepper, deglaze with wine on high until most of the liquid is absorbed, add stock and continue to reduce until almost absorbed, add puree and simmer until heated through. Turn off heat, right before service add cream and serve alongside chicken or toss with pasta, or stir in couscous—the possibilities are endless, really.

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