Mississippi Made

Finally! My little blog that could is up and running. However, you will see a few changes in the next couple of days to SPICE. My little blog title was born from a magazine I created while at Ole Miss. This blog was initially an extension of that food magazine prototype. I do feel like SPICE needs to be tucked away though–nothing about this blog will change except the title, which is pretty self-explanatory, I think.

Most everything I make comes from growing up in the kitchen with my mom and family, lots of these recipes and (a love for cooking) are passed down from her mom, my mimi. I just think its only fitting now that I’ve been out of college for a couple of years to move on from SPICE the magazine and into the next chapter of this blog. Mississippi Made was the first cookbook my mom ever owned, given to her by my dad on their very first Christmas married. My mom passed it down to my cousin when she was first married and then it was given to me. It was also my wedding registry book and I would say it’s one of the precious things I own. Here’s to more cooking and creating through Mississippi Made!










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