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Harvest Your Health, Now!

It’s finally here!!! Today is the day!!


Honestly, I’ve never been so fired up about books! I love cookbooks so much, to me there as good as sitting down with a magazine and entertaining yourself four hours–it’s my way of checking out and relaxing. Harvest Your Health couldn’t come at a better time–every one one of these books offer information on getting healthy, organizing you life and staying fit.

fitness cooking and preparing real food




cooking and preparing paleo

My favorites among the 52 are “Paleo Recipes for Every Day”–food to keep you fueled all day long, Detoxifying- “21 day Paleo Cleanse”–a great way to start out your journey to healthy eating, “Natural Cleaning” and “Children’s Health” will be extra helpful one day and lastly “Run with No Pain”-easy and practical step-by-step exercise routine for treating low back pain in athletes and includes over 30 exercise videos that teach you exactly how to implement each section of the program.Phew. Okay so these couple of books would be well worth $34, except you get 52 E BOOKs for that price–it is 95% off. I hope y’all find these as helpful as me! Be back this weekend with recipes-Bo is going out of town and mom is coming so expect lots of cooking!
Paleo EverydayNatural CleaningRun with No Pain

To purchase the bundle just click the link below, scroll down and you will be directed to a paypal checkout, easy-peasy 🙂