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Best Ever Buttermilk Pancakes

I was planning on posting this recipe Monday but I just couldn’t wait to share. It wouldn’t be the weekend over here without Saturday morning pancakes.


I don’t always make B homemade pancakes–but when I do it will forever be this recipe. My mom shared this recipe with Mollie and I recently and it puts all other pancakes to shame, I have to say.


These cakes are so fluffy they float! They are the lightest, air-iest little cakes with just the right amount of sweetness (2 TSP per recipe!!!), who needs an overly sweet pancake with all that syrup anyways? We also love the tanginess the buttermilk provides, just the right amount. If you make this recipe leave me a comment!




Fall has finally arrived in Fairhope, just in time for Thanksgiving and just in time for us to head out of town 😉

Run recap: I guess I had my last long run this am before the race next weekend! It was frigid and the first run wearing a jacket and long tights the whole time. I love running in the quiet of the morning before the day starts, praising my Savior and listening to His spirit speak without the noise of my phone, tv,’s a sweet, sweet time.


Guess what I am currently enjoying? A banana, date milkshake smoothie..I cannot get enough of this treat!


Church, lunch and a movie are on the agenda today-anybody seen The 33, Julia Robert’s new movie or Spectre?? B and I need help deciding!