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Friday Favorites

It’s been a minute since I last posted a Friday favorites. I’ve been thinking about some products/items I love this week and came up with a random diversified short list. 


If you are reading this post from anywhere except Lower Alabama, Happy Snow Day!! It looks freezing out there. I love seeing all the snow day post via instagram and Facebook. I know I am guilty of spending too much time on social media but sure is a good way to keep up 🙂 


onto the favorites: 

This one is a game changer..Sriracha TO GO! I see these little packets going in many a gift basket for Bowen. We love Sriracha and we need it on the go a lot. Cannot wait to get my order in HERE. 



Favorite “once in a while”: 

This product is expensive but it is SO GOOD. We absolutely love this 7 grain rice from Seeds of Change, more so than any variety I’ve ever bought and made. Bonus: It takes 90 seconds in the microwave and it’s organic. I love the convenience of this rice..we actually had it last night with out roasted artichoke chicken. I found this at World Market but I am pretty sure most grocery stores carry the brand. 61B5c0xrH2L._SY355_



“here to stay” favorite:

We are going through these dates like there’s no tomorrow. I think we finish 2 cartons of Medjool dates a week, and Bowen’s gone a good bit 😉  I cannot get enough of this sweet little jewel, it’s almost like a piece of caramel but better. I love to snack on them, puree them in smoothies and add them to oatmeal. Find them at fresh market or publix.


beauty favorite:

This one is random but I couldn’t leave it out. Who else feels like there skin is see-through in January? I kept my tan until November just about with all this warm weather we have in LA (Lower Alabama) but lately I’ve been extra pale. We are going to Costa Rica in a few weeks and I need some color. This is the very best self tanner (gradual color) I’ve ever used. The color is very natural (not orange) and the smell is nice, not awesome but nice. k2-_9e43d5be-be98-4a0f-b9af-7ece339fe75b.v1