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Welcome back WIAW. I LOVED tonight’s supper so thought I would share all the goodness of today’s eats for a What I Ate Wednesday.
IMG_4294Breakfast: You can’t tell in the pic above but these are steel cut oats with chia seeds topped with some granola I made yesterday. I cooked the oats in my insta pot with chopped gala apple and lots of cinnamon (sugar free!) I added 1 T chia seeds to the mix and have been eating on this delicious breakfast all week.
IMG_4283 This granola is all gone, it got eaten up in 2 days. It was SO GOOD! I made it using oats, cherries, pecans, chia seeds, pb 2, coconut oil and some other goodies (sugar free too).
IMG_4280 Post spin/early lunch was ezekiel bread with homemade humus and avocado topped with cherry tomatoes and red pepper flakes.


ALL THE SNACKS: As wholesome as these meals were, today was filled with a lot of snacking. I had some almond milk and granola post toast and a mango/banana/oats smoothie this afternoon and snacked on beet chips. 


Supper was one of my favorites. This should be called the goodness bowl… quinoa, sautéed kale, chili roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes along with a drizzle of evoo and balsamic vinegar.


IMG_4306 Dessert: still stuck on peanut butter stuffed dates!