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Stir Fry & Kale Salad

I couldn’t decide whether to post a WIAM or tonight’s stir fry recipe, how about a combo of both?? I am on the kale train this month.


I have been incorporating the leafy green into almost every meal.. smoothies, salads, as a side dish or tucked in stir fry. I am loving getting one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet into every dish. 


Here is a look at today’s farmer’s market haul-can you believe these brussels sprouts!! They’re huge!


After a long run and lots of cookie-ing I made a red leaf lettuce salad for lunch with lots of kale, roasted beets, carrots, green onions and dried cranberries.


I made a vinaigrette by combining 2 T balsamic vinegar with 1 small garlic clove grated and 1 tsp of dijon mustard then whisked in 3 T olive oil. I tossed the kale in the vinaigrette and let sit for 30 minutes to let the leaves get nice and tender. 



Check out my mom’s kale and lettuces in her garden!! ⇑

Supper was veggie packed stir fry. Don’t tell Bowen but “stir fry”  is basically my excuse to cook a ton of veggies over brown rice. I added marinated flank steak for my steak loving b.



Veggie Centric Flank Steak Stir Fry
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  1. 1 cup chopped cauliflower
  2. 1/4 onion, sliced
  3. 1 red bell pepper, sliced
  4. 2 carrots, sliced
  5. 1 large bunch kale, chopped
  6. 1/2 T grated ginger
  7. flank steak (8 oz)
  8. marinated in korean bbq sauce
  1. Heat cast iron over medium high heat and add 2 T olive oil until smoking, stir fry cauliflower and carrots until slightly tender then add other veggies continuous stirring with wooden spoon. Season with kosher salt and cracked pepper. After 2-3 minutes grate in ginger and remove veggies from heat. Sear meat on both sides then add back in veggies. Serve with soy sauce and chili paste. I made brown rice in my rice-cooker to serve with stir fry!
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I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! How precious is this little angel in her Easter dress and bonnet made by mom 🙂