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Welcome back WIAW! I’ve been meaning to post some of my favorite smoothie recipes but cookie world has been crazy busy! 



Breakfast: First things first a big glass of lemon water and a cup of coffee with unsweetened almond milk, I did some packing up of cookies then made a smoothie before Bible Study Fellowship this am. My green smoothie had berries, frozen banana, frozen spinach and some vega protein powder. I love topping off my smoothies with some unsweetened coconut flakes⇓


I also ate a slice of ezekiel toast with pb since I had plans with friends after BSF and wouldn’t be home in time for lunch.

IMG_4749Snack: I was starving when I got home, I ate some of my homemade humus (recipe HERE) along with these delicious mary’s crackers and some veggies.



Lunch: A BIG spinach salad with strawberries, avocado and cucumber topped with some evoo and balsamic vinegar.


followed up by a sweet potato brownie!! THESE ARE STILL MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER. Link HERE.


After an afternoon of cookie-ing, I grabbed another brownie and went to the gym. hehe that sounds funny to type but the truth. 


Supper: Oh my word this was so fresh and good.  Supper was Pan seared cobia with basmati rice and roasted broccoli. 


For now I’m holding off on dessert but I have a feeling after cleaning the kitchen a pb butter date may be calling my name. Be back soon!