Happy almost weekend! It’s been a while since my last post which can only mean one thing around here, cookie duties have taken over! I don’t know what it is about this time of year but it’s  busy season for decorated cookies 😉


Yesterday Bowen and I celebrated our three year anniversary! We are both so thankful the Lord by His sovereign hand placed us together for His purposes. I love being Bowen’s wife and am so grateful he’s mine. 


We celebrated at Fischer’s in Orange Beach last night, then went for ice cream which we immediately threw away and ended up at Krispy Kreme–the hot sign was on and neither of us would ever turn that down. It’s may be our new tradition. 



Aside from cookies, I’ve been doing some cooking. The night before last we had grilled salmon and sauteed spinach which I think may be a recipe I post soon and tonight I made ground chicken bolognese over spiralized veggie spaghetti. 



and smoothie bowls of course 


If you live in Fairhope I’m sure you’ve heard but the downtown farmer’s market is back and it is SO GOOD!! I wanted everything from every stand. We tried some very authentic tamales that were on point, a perfect snack/app. I picked up some peaches, snap beans and a few other veggies.  We are going to see Florida Georgia Line tomorrow so I hated to buy a ton of things we wouldn’t eat 🙂


Be back soon!! Happy farmer’s market season! 

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