Welcome back WIAW, bump edition! 

First thing in the am: lemon water and a teeny bit of coffee with almond milk


Breakfast: Post run grocery store bar.. I could NOT under any circumstances go one more minute without eating. I love this think thin bar, it has zero grams of sugar but taste really good. I don’t think the ingredients are anything to boast about but in a pinch this did the trick. 


Breakfast: I’ve been craving a bagel for a while now, I had 1/2 Udi’s gluten free bagel with organic cream cheese and 1/2 with peanut butter and banana.


Lunch: My only real struggle (so far) with choosing healthy foods seems to be  at lunch time. Before baby news, I ate a salad just about everyday for lunch. I love eating big salads with lots of veggies and really have never gotten sick of them. These days I am singing a different tune. Yesterday  I made a roasted beet spinach salad and barely got through it. 


I LOVED my lunch today, I got in all my salad veggies but in a wrap which tasted much better to me! I heated some roasted turkey inside a warm ezekial wrap with a little mustard then added in cucumbers, cabbage, avocado and spinach. 


I also made some potato soup last night for my Bowen who’s been sick so I had a little bit of that too. 


Snack: THE BEST CANTELOPE. I ate half a cantaloupe today..so good. My mom says everything taste better when your expecting so far this has been true of cantaloupe and bagels not so much spinach 😉 


Supper: Bowen and I split a ribeye-dont worry my portion was fully cooked 🙁 along with grilled corn and grilled sweet potato rounds


dessert: orange, cherry, flax muffin with almond milk 


Run recap: Still running! And still loving it.. I get really tired in the afternoons so I cherish this time in the am to exert some energy, sweat and feel like I am in my normal routine. This am I ran three with a friend then did an extra mile for four..

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