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I am real hesitant to say this out loud  but Bowen and I started Whole 30 last night (or whole 29 more on that later). 


This shouldn’t be much of a change for us, most lunches and suppers I cook are whole 30 compliant. It’s all the snacking I do that gets me in trouble– I am excited to do this challenge to see what foods affect my energy/digestion/etc. I feel like this is basically getting off sugar again which is always a good thing for this dessert obsessor lover. 


Breakfast is definitely the biggest challenge for me, I eat oatmeal or granola most days since I don’t like eggs 🙁 


However, we will be giving each other some grace days. Bowen’s travels may pose a problem and we do have one big party to look forward to next Friday!  Champagne and muddy’s cupcakes are necessities for gender reveals, right? 


Here’s a WIAW on Thursday whole 30.

Breakfast: Banana and LOTS of almond butter with berries, I’m planning on making chia seed pudding tomorrow and will report back with thoughts on that new craze..


snacks: Snacking is discouraging on Whole 30, unless your pregnant. Sorry Bo 😉

I had guacamole and peppers and veggies chips  and late afternoon snack was dried cherries and almonds


Taco salad and clementine(s)IMG_5292

This snapper we grilled for supper was caught today by Bowen, doesnt get fresher than that! We also had sweet potato mash, spinach salad and roasted broccoli. Pretty standard day (minus all the popcorn I’m used to eating)


Ill leave you with a bump date: 


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