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Welcome back to WIAW “baby on the way” edition.


Today was the second week of Bible Study Fellowship and it is GOOD to be back!  I say it all the time but studying God’s word in BSF is the absolute best thing in my life, God has used this ministry in an awesome way in my life. We are studying in John and if you are looking for a solid study of God’s word see if there is a BSF in your town, chances are there is!

Just a quick update, I had the absolute sweetest shower Sunday with my church family. I am overwhelmed by the love these women pour into my life and feel so thankful the Lord has place us where we are. Mom and mom in law did lots of driving to be there-it was a precious day, I cannot wait for Bowen V to get here!



This blog has turned into a lot of lifestyle and a lot less of recipe but I am always thankful to have documented these big (and small) moments. 



and we have a glider! You can’t see how sweet this textured fabric is but I love how it turned out:) 

Back to the (food) blog…

BREAKFAST: quick post run apple and almond butter, key lime Lara bar to go ( favorite flavor for sure)


Green apples are my pregnancy craving. Of course, most everything taste better than normal when your pregnant but as far as cravings I can’t get enough green apples (try them with a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of salt YUM)

LUNCH:  I met a precious friend for lunch who just moved here from Memphis. Soul Bowlz in Fairhope started serving salads and they are REALLY fresh and delicious. This is my kind of salad: spring mix, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, tomato, almond and avocado ranch. It was really hard to not get an acai bowl on the side but I resisted. 


I stole this image from their facebook page.. check them out! 

SNACKS: the list is long here today, I had some grits I made for Bowen this morning and half a chocolate lara bar


late afternoon I had a few bites of chicken salad I made yesterday. Has anyone tried this beagle bagel chicken salad recipe?? IT IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST THERE IS. I made this recipe for weekly lunches and we ended up devouring it over spinach last night. 



I love these containers, you can order them from amazon HERE. 

SUPPER:  Zoodles with bolognese, I ordered a real deal zucchini noodle spiralizer and it was well worth the $23! 



DESSERT:  sweet potato brownie, big shocker here 😉 


BUMP UPDATE: 26 weeks tomorrow!! 

img_3258Bowen and I had a really good 4 mile this run although I was way behind him and had lots of walk breaks we got in four in what felt like July heat and humidity. I was surprised how good this run felt considering I am not sleeping great, baby is moving around big time at night-any tips on sleeping at this stage in the game?