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WIAW bump edition part 2

Can you believe tomorrow is December 1??


It’s really hard to think about Christmas just around the corner when it’s been almost 80 degrees here in Fairhope, we’ve still got the Christmas tunes playing and a few holiday knick knacks around.. I don’t know that we will be decorating quite like we have in years passed because Baby Bowen will be here in just a few weeks! 


img_7070I thought I was well overdue for a WIAW (bump edition) and after reading this article on women’s health I was inspired. I love seeing how nutritionist/fitness guru’s fuel for the day, it always gives me some motivation to make new recipes or buy ingredients I haven’t tried before.


How’s how I’m fueling with one month left of being pregnant! 

Breakast: I am loving kefir right now, the plain is definitely on the tart side but I am really digging the tanginess of this probiotic yogurt. I topped my kefir with this very addicting maple walnut yogurt, raspberries and some chia seeds. 

Snack: ALL THE CUTIES. Or are they halos? I cannot get enough of these..I bet I eat five a day at least. I was on a green apple kick a couple of weeks ago and now these little oranges have taken over. 


Lunch: This salad was SO GOOD. I topped spinach with toasted almonds and cashews, dried fruit and lots of crumbled goat cheese and added in some leftover quinoa, having a warm salad for lunch seems more satisfying to me. 




Snack 2: Van’s cranberry almond is a holiday spice in a chewy and so delicious. 


Supper: Chicken Cordon Blue made with some holiday ham we brought home from thanksgiving and swiss, coated in whole wheat flour and pan seared in evoo.. can you believe that spinach is a half a box?? Where does it all go! and Bowen and I shared a giant sweet potato.



Dessert: More cuties and more granola


I made some lactation cookies these week to freeze for when Bowen V arrives and wanted to share with you this awesome mix!! 


Bona Dea Outrageous oat cookie mix (gluten free): $3.99 at home goods! 

  • Free from: Gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and eggs
  • Non-GMO project verified and made with organic whole grains
  • Versatile and easy-to-make with vegan and dairy-free recipe instructions
  • Try adding nut butter, raisins, toasted coconut or cinnamon
  • Produced in a dedicated facility free of gluten, wheat, milk, soy, eggs and tree nuts

I am a big fan of this and will definitely be ordering more! 

Bump Update: 36 Weeks! This pic was taken at the hospital gym 😉  at least if I go into labor I’m close by! 


The look of ‘I’m carrying around an almost 6 lb baby’ ⇑⇑⇑