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Welcome back to WIAW on Thursday! It’s been a while since a ‘day in the life eats’ post and reading these post always give me lots of inspiration so I hope it will you too!

And I needed a little accountability if I’m being honest. Nursing baby B keeps me hungry all day everyday. As soon as I think I’ve gotten full I’m hungry again.

Keeping up with my eats for the day definitely makes me aware of shortcomings in my diet i.e the need for sweets after savory. I’ve got to kick the sugar habit!

I try and make the best whole foods choices for he and I both but sometimes I don’t have time to sit down for lunch or a properly prepared meal and trailmix/snackbars have to do! Right now I am on an RX bar kick, I am digging the peanut butter, whats your favorite flavor?

Breakfast: I pretty much start every morning with a big glass of lemon water and a green smoothie. I like to know I’m getting in all the good stuff first thing in the am.

Sometimes I’ll make a HUGE green smoothie and portion out individual servings for those mornings I’m really rushed. All you do is thaw frozen smoothie jar in a sink of warm water for 15-20 minutes, shake and your good to go! 

This smoothie had spinach, full fat coconut milk, frozen pineapple, strawberries, coconut, frozen banana, spirulina powder and collagen peptides. Leave a comment below if your interested in the ingredient lineup!


Snack: feeling a little bit under the weather with allergies so I’ve been loading  up on all the citrus. Lots of cuties and an rx bar

Lunch: leftover pizza toppings and homemade tuna salad in teff flour wrap with spinach

Snack: larabar & more cuties

Supper: Grilled salmon, braised kale and sweet potato

                                                                                                 cutest daddy

Sweet treat: a portion of my white bean brownies with granola almond butter and a splash of almond milk.

These brownies have a delicious, rich chocolate flavor but I’m not crazy about the texture..yet. I like a fudgy brownie and these were more cake-like. Ill work on the recipe and get back to you!