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You know when you get so behind on something it’s hard to sit down and catch up!?!?! That’s how I feel about this little blog I miss so much.

Believe it or not I have actually been cooking and enjoying eating a variety of foods, no more elimination diet for me!

My little angel boy has been struggling with reflux and I praise the Lord I’ve been able to devote all my time to taking care of his needs, which has been a 24/7 job. We’ve got the happiest little feller he has just not felt well lately. I pray his current medicine will be all it takes! 

Oh how the Lord is using this season in my sanctification and I praise Him for that, it is the joy of my salvation to know that He loves me enough to not leave me in my sin but desires that I lay down my the idols of my heart. In doing so I find that He alone is my hope, strength, comfort and exceeding joy! 

So here’s some pics to catch you up, baby B LOVES the water. He gets so excited in the swimming pool (and bath tub) he kicks his little legs and we can hardly stand the cuteness in his excitement. We’ve had lots of visitors lately which has been a treat, mom’s coming back this weekend while Bowen’s going fishing and we can’t wait! 

5 months old tomorrow⇑

I’ve got some new recipes I’m excited to share-leave me a message in the comments and let me know what looks good! Last night I knew Bowen needed some comfort food after taking the red eye and being out of town. I made a lightend up brocoolli chicken bake using brown rice, lots of veggies, a coconut oil/whole wheat flour béchamel. We have also loved these stuffed peppers, paleo pancakes and this lentil side dish with grilled salmon. Let me know what you want to see on the blog..supper ideas? lunch? WIAW? sweets? (sweets please!)

 One more thing! I haven’t done a run update in a while, I am still loving the time I get running and so thankful to be getting back in the groove. Bowen’s parents gave us their treadmill and it is the JAM. Such a great way to spend nap time, am I right??


Yesterday I listened to Sunday’s sermon from Harvest (memphis) and WHOA WOW YES> SO GOOD.   I love studying Exodus-the Lord really did a mighty work in my heart through this book in BSF a couple of year’s ago. This message is on Exodus 32-33, this was so HUGE and had me rejoicing in the Lord leading me out of my sin “The worst thing that could happen to any of us if God gives us everything we want without Him” Oh Lord give me more of yourself. Here’s the link to listen.