Baby B

Oh me it has been a while since I’ve posted! We’ve been on the go-go this last week and I just realized baby B will be 8 months tomorrow!!

This may be my favorite age so far, he’s so curious and excited about everything it makes my heart sing. He still is the happiest little feller and very animated like his momma and a good sleeper like his daddy. He pulled up for the first time yesterday and you would have thought he won his first tball game we were so excited.

Baby B is crawling all over the house and babbling dadadada….patiently waiting for him to say Momma! Oh, and we got our first tooth a few weeks ago-it’s been a big month!  

I am praising God for His keeping us and providing for us through this season with baby Bo. Here’s some pics to update you!! Now that summer’s over and routines are starting back I plan on blogging with some recipes. Stay tuned! 

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