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Toddler Eats!

Where to begin!?? I have had an awesome response to post some toddler meal/snack ideas–I’ve been documenting baby Bowen’s eats here and there but have not had the energy a minute to sit down and post! 

If you’ve been following along, you know we are expecting baby number 2 in August! I am about 14 weeks along and finally coming out of that first trimester tired  #fingerscrossed and just in time for Spring!!

This weather has me wanting to be outside all day which is convenient because baby Bowen stands at the door and barks and quacks and moo’s and uses all his animal sounds to go outside and play.

He LOVES being outside and thankfully loves being in the stroller. He and I have been keeping up with our running just a lot slower like last go round.

We managed four miles this a.m  and it was WONDERFUL, perfect weather, beautiful day by the bay all was grand until I got home and could NOT hold my eyes open. So thankful Bowen is a good napper because I am right there with him these days! 

Okay, so spring is here YAY! Now onto the toddler meal ideas. Bowen has been a good eater from the get go, maybe he loves veggies or maybe its all he knows either way I am happy about it. He doesn’t eat consistently though, probably because we still have bottles during the day.

Some days he eats a full lunch and some days he doesn’t want to eat his lunch/breakfast etc. I don’t worry too much about it because he’s gaining well, sleeps good and plays hard. I feel certain once he stops bottles completely (very soon I am afraid) he will be filling up each meal. 


Baby Bowen eats mostly what I do for breakfast, lunch and dinner just toddler-fied. If I am having a green smoothie and gluten free bagel for breakfast, Bowen has part of my smoothie (without the supplements) and a piece of toast/bagel.

Most mornings he has eggs and fruit which are really easy for him to pick up and eat himself. Lunch is usually leftovers with some sort of raw vegetable.

He eats at least one avocado a day (because he loves them) and most of the time it’s at lunch. I usually have a starch for B at lunch and dinner like brown rice, lentils, roasted potatoes (all from the night before or a big batch I made earlier in the week)

“taco style” black beans (I had these for supper the night before in my taco salad for protein instead of ground beef), brown rice and avocado ↑

Leftover lentils and black beans, avocado, clementine, and tomatoes↑

For supper Bowen usually has a little of what we are having and then steamed vegetables, he easts green peas by the fistful, asparagus, green beans, butternut squash-I buy organic frozen vegetables and heat a portion for him for supper to go along with whatever protein I’ve fixed.

ground turkey, green beans, avocado, tomatoes↑

vegan fajitas (portobello, peppers, tomatoes) and and HEB tortilla, I think I spy some grapes underneath↑ 

Roast chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted carrots (one pot wonder)! ↑

Snacks: orange cherry flaxseed muffins and cantaloupe, snacks are usually fruit and some sort of portable starch. I make a lot of “bars” for myself and baby B seems to like them too. My MIL brought these muffins down! 

I pack a ziplock full of fruits for our runs and baby B just gets his little hand, face and clothes dirty and goes to town, he usually eats the whole bag on our runs. And when all else fails toast! Baby Bowen loves some Publix bakery bread I carry around a loaf sometimes for emergencies 😉 

I follow several blogging moms on instagram and their websites and get a lot of ideas, it’s really easy for us to get in a rut and eat the same things, I hope this gave you some inspo too!